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Atlas Powder Coating Projects

Product: Road Grit Spreaders

Sector: Road maintenance/ Winter Safety/ Councils

Major UK supplier of environmental and safety products. Our customer supplies into various councils, local authorities and private organisations.

What is unique about this project?
Atlas are able to finish parts for this customer with a zinc coating which is highly durable and offers extra protection from the harsh conditions that they operate in.

Atlas are also able to offer these products in multiple colours depending on the requirements of each end customer

Added value (Why our customer chose Atlas:)
Atlas are able to offer Zinc costing, fast multi-colour change and EPD finishes as part of our service. This reduces lead time and cost for the customer and ensures quality from one single supplier.

Product: Interior Lighting – Various Products

Sector: Retail/ Commercial/ Supermarkets

This customer designs and manufactures chilling, heating and lighting systems which they supply into most of the major high street retail and supermarket chains.

What is unique about this project?
Utilising an on-site CAD department, we created bespoke jigs and packaging for these products. Non-standard packaging specifications were required due to the nature of the products.

Added value (Why our customer chose Atlas:)
Because Atlas are part of the Bri-Stor Group and located on one site, we were able to design and manufacture specialised jogs and packaging for this project in house. This reduced cost and lead time in potential outsourcing for the customer.

Product: Interior/ Exterior Cladding

Sector: Retail/ Commercial/ Supermarket

Customer: A UK architect with a commercial/ retail client base

What is unique about this project?
These products required a high standard of finish to suit the visual aspect and quality finish of the retail environments in which they are used.

Added value (Why our customer chose Atlas:)
Due to the nature of the customers' business and the needs of their clients, these products are required with a very short lead time without any loss of quality.

Thanks to our fast change multi-colour booth we are able to achieve a fast turnaround and supply various colours for this customer depending on their clients requirements.

Product: Dog Waste Receptacles/ Recycling

Sector: recycling/ waste

Customer: UK outdoor furniture manufacturer specializing in Dog Fouling Solutions and products

What is unique about this project?
The products produced for this customer are coated in a textured powder for a more tactile, visually appealing finish.

We supply these in a range of colours depending on the needs of the end customer.

Added value (Why our customer chose Atlas:)
Because of the on site facilities available to Atlas, we are able to offer onsite assembly and bespoke customer ready packaging.

This means that products can be delivered to the end customer complete and fully packaged.

Should you require any information about our powder coating services do not hesitate to contact us on 01889 271 202.


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