Looking for a Quick Powder Coating Estimate?

Use the Atlas Coating calculator to get a quick and easy indicative powder coating cost for your metal components. Simply enter your product dimensions and powder-coat spec and our calculator will give you an estimated cost.

For a complete quote you will need to contact our sales team at  or 01889 271 202.

All estimates are exclusive of delivery and masking/ bunging charges, which will vary dependent on specification. 

High spec yellow powder coating

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  • White (£3.88)

  • Black (£3.06)

  • Grey (£3.25)

  • Blue (£3.20)

  • Red (£5.75)

  • Yellow (£5.39)

Many other colours available on request, please contact us for pricing on non-standard colours

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Estimate excludes charge for masking and bunging which varies dependant on product spec.