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Powder Coating FAQ’s

In its application, no. Powder coating involves the spraying of dry, free floating, electrostatically charged powder onto metal components. The electrostatic charge makes the powder cling to the surface of the metal. The parts are then sent into an oven and are exposed to temperatures up to 450 degrees which cause the powder to firstly liquify before solidifying into a thick, glossy finish. 

Powder coating is a much more eco friendly than wet spray as it contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are harmful to the atmosphere. It is also a much quicker process than wet spraying because it requires far less touching up, reducing energy usage and material waste. Atlas Coating use an eco-friendly pre-treatment solution called Oxsilan – a saline based liquid, as opposed to the potentially harmful Zinc or Phosphate alternatives.

The powder used in the powder coating process is electrostatically charged prior to application. This caused the powder particles to cling to metal, which is then cured in an oven. This caused to the powder to temporarily liquify before curing into a solid, smooth, even coating.

Atlas Powder Coating can offer any imaginable colour. Where a non-stock colour is required, we are able to colour match to your specification, at an additional cost.

There many advantages of choosing powder coating over wet spraying, such as:

  • Environmental: Powder coating releases no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are found in wet spray paint. These are highly harmful to the environment. 
  • Cost: Powder can prove to be a more cost-effective option as it involves less man hours to achieve a finish. Much of the process is automated and the coverage of powder is generally more even and consistent, requiring much less touching up.
  • Durability: The curing process involved in powder coating creates a thick, solid coating on the surface which is hard wearing and long lasting. Atlas powder coating offer 1000-hour salt spray resistance in our powder coated products.
  • Textures: Often, customers will require a specific finish dependant on the application of the final product. This is much easier to achieve through powder coating than wet spray. The density of powder can easily be altered to achieve different textures where wet spray would generally require addition processing to achieve this.
  • Speed: The curing process involved in powder coating is much faster than wet spray. Once cured, the part will need to cool down to be handled (5-10) mins but can be used immediately after. Wet sprayed products can take up to 5 hours to fully dry and be usable.

Once the powder has been cured, the product will need to cool down which could take up to 10 minutes. Once a part has reached the end of the Atlas paint line, it will have cooled enough to be handled and could be used immediately. In comparison, a wet sprayed product may take up to 5 hours to fully dry before it could be used.