The Bri-Stor Group becomes The HEX Group in 2022

The Bri-Stor Group becomes The HEX Group in 2022 Staffordshire engineering and manufacturing business, Bri-Stor Group, which includes multi-award-winning businesses Bri-Stor Systems, Alpha Manufacturing, Atlas Coating, Hex Graphics and HEX Living has announced that from 3rd May 2022 the Group will be known as The HEX Group.  With the company launching its Alpha Manufacturing Chemical [...]

The Advantages of Powder Coating Vs Wet Spray Alternatives

Surface finishing of metal components is an essential process to prevent rusting and ensure the durability of parts, as well as being a decorative feature. Both wet praying and powder coating are options for achieving this finish, but the two process have unique differences. Although their chemical composition is almost the same, wet paint contains […]

Meet the Team – Rhys Smith, Trainee Technical Sales Engineer

With tremendous drive and reliability, third year Apprentice Rhys Smith really stood out according to Atlas Coating’s Coating Manager Ian Buckley and once Rhys graduates, he’ll join Ian and the team to further strengthen the technical sales capability.  Rhys picks up his story from here: “As part of the Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Rotation Programme I [...]