Meet the Team – Rhys Smith, Trainee Technical Sales Engineer

Rhys Smith

With tremendous drive and reliability, third year Apprentice Rhys Smith really stood out according to Atlas Coating’s Coating Manager Ian Buckley and once Rhys graduates, he’ll join Ian and the team to further strengthen the technical sales capability. 

Rhys picks up his story from here: “As part of the Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Rotation Programme I worked in a range of departments including quality, programming, laser, weld and fold. I always tried to give my all to each role and learn as much as possible.

“At the start of my third year an opportunity for an apprentice to help out with a project in Atlas Coating came up, I immediately put myself forward. I’m always looking for a challenge and to push myself, so I really liked the idea of working in the sales team for Atlas, using the engineering knowledge I’ve learnt so far to price work. Atlas is going through a period of significant growth so it’s an exciting time to be part of the team.

“Being recognised for my hard work and commitment really motivates me and after spending some time in Atlas Coating I knew I’d found my place.  Chatting to Ian about my future, I’m really excited about taking up a role as a Trainee Technical Sales Engineer.  Being a Bri-Stor Group apprentice gave me a great opportunity to see the business from a range of perspectives and I’m absolutely thrilled that my hard work continues to be recognised. 

“My role is really interesting and puts me directly in touch with customers which I love.   What I really enjoy about Atlas is how every day is different, and the business is growing so fast that it’s great to be involved in the journey. All of the work from my apprenticeship comes in handy in my role, from checking the quality of parts and spotting issues before they arise, to reading technical drawings and working with our sister company, Alpha Manufacturing to organise when parts are due in.

“I really enjoy the fact that I am taking on more responsibility and hope to keep progressing in my role as I graduate from my apprenticeship next year. It’s a fantastic business to learn and grow, but equally it’s a really rewarding to bring new ideas and a different perspective.”

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