Atlas Coating have extensive experience working with customers from a wide and varied range of sectors.

We understand the exacting quality standards and demands of each sector we operate in. From modest organisations requiring small batch work, to large-scale blue-chip clients, our commitment exceeding customer expectations across all sectors remains consistent.


We work with leading global tier one and two automotive suppliers, covering a vast portfolio of components and parts. We understand that the Automotive sector is one of the most demanding in terms of finish quality and is often subject to the most stringent standards and tolerances. Our robust quality management system ensures that each part we finish meets these standards.

Atlas wet spray services
Agricultural Powder Coating Services


We have long standing relationships with some of the largest UK manufacturers of Agricultural machinery and equipment. Our sister company Alpha Manufacturing produces large volumes of body panels, fenders, steps and components for the agricultural sector and Atlas Coatings finish each part to the highest standard. 


We powder coat a range of products for the retail sector, such as touch screen kiosks, gaming units and lighting components. We are able to offer a variety of colours and textures suitable to retail environments where durability is required.

High quality powder coated touch screen kiosks
Atlas Powder coating balconies


Our customer base includes many construction related businesses. From manufacturers of residential balconies and packaged utility room suppliers, to manufacturers of motorised wheelbarrows used on site to transport materials. We have a vast range of finishes available for construction purposes,


We work with several telecommunications companies to powder coat various components used in IT & communications. These include enclosures and housings for electrical circuits or systems, computer cases and commercial server cabinet units. In addition, we work indirectly with leading UK TV & broadband brands as we finish all metal products used in Bri-Stor Systems commercial fleet conversions.

White powder coated server cabinets
Black powder coated chair frame


Atlas Coating supply many customers from the medical and healthcare sectors. These include bed frames, specialist baths and hydrotherapy systems and much more. We have established relationships with suppliers of specialist disability and mobility equipment and we supply high volumes of finished components and products.