Atlas Coating Continues to Exceed Industry Standard Result in Salt Spray Test

Powder Coating Staffordshire based powder coating specialist, Atlas Coating, continues to exceed industry standards by over double the typical coating lifetime in its latest official salt spray test. Salt spray testing is an accelerated corrosion test, used to evaluate the coatings and surface treatments’ efficacy in resisting corrosion. The salt spray test aims to analyse the quality of the coating or finish, and the levels of corrosion resistance or corrosion susceptibility that the product may experience over time in real-life conditions.  The standard time before rusting is usually observed in a salt spray test on powder coating is around 500 hours.

Atlas’ coating salt spray test exceeded 1000 hours, proving its exceptionally durable, even in the harshest of conditions. For most applications, this is far in excess of what the levels specified and ensures that the powder coat finish will last the entire lifetime of the product.

This level of durability is due to the company utilising an innovative pre-treatment system; an organic based phosphate solution branded  Oxsilan, a product of Chemetall, which offers high corrosion resistance with much lower environmental impact than the traditional Zinc or Phosphate alternatives.

Coatings Manager at Altas Coating, Ian Buckley said: “By continually testing our coating we can ensure that we consistently offer an industry leading powder coating performance that stands the test of time.

Being able to offer an innovative and more environmentally friendly pre-treatment to our customers at the same cost as traditional and less durable coating options, is one of our unique selling points. These latest results from our salt spray test just help to assure our clients that with us, they’re getting the best service and corrosion protection possible.”

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